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Why a World Peanut Magazine?

We believe a new magazine dedicated to the world of peanuts can be an important tool to help all industry professionals keep up to speed with the relevant events of the day. We are not proposing a new magazine in order to simply deliver the latest news of the peanut sector as we are fully aware, of course, that there are many websites, bulletins, papers and newsletters that present the events concerning peanuts, and they mostly do so in a timely fashion.

However, we think that a new magazine can play a significant role in assisting peanut professionals, not only to keep updated on the issues, but also to develop a perspective on what is happening and, perhaps more importantly, gain insights into what will happen in the near future. While there is a lot of raw data and information available at all times from a variety of different sources, we believe it is also helpful to dedicate some time to processing the information available and trying to figure out its deeper meaning.

So we will work hard to provide the necessary context to the relevant issues of the day.


As for the contents, we identified six areas of topics that will constitute the six sections of the magazine:

  • 1 Market Trends
  • 2 Industrial Processing
  • 3 Science and Technology
  • 4 Laws and Regulations
  • 5 Peanut as a Superfood
  • 6 Peanut Farming

All the issues will be treated with everyday language and have the general peanut professional in mind. We will avoid excessively technical terminology and scientific jargon in order to provide a clear picture of the issues to all readers. We will make extensive use of charts and tables, try to put things in historical perspective, and compare situations around the world to highlight the special character of the ways we produce, transform, study and trade peanuts.



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