Superfoods are defined as foods having more nutrients per calorie than most others. Such is the case of peanuts, which have been classified as a superfood due to their high nutrient concentration in a small serving and the health benefits arising from their frequent intake.

Nutrients in Argentine Peanuts

Chemical-nutritional profile of peanuts

Official nutritional profile – CAM. Author: Professor Rubén Grosso (UNC)


INHERENT FLAVOR. Sensory profile

The sensory profile of Argentine peanuts is marked by a strong roasted peanut flavor and a mild sweet aftertaste produced by the high sucrose content typical of our product.

Its high calcium content makes it moderately hard, which is pleasant to the palate and grants it a uniquely crunchy texture.

Its light brown, uniform color is highlighted by a pleasant golden glow due to heat processing (roasting, frying, etc.).


Regular peanut intake is highly beneficial to health due to their chemical, nutritional and nutraceutical composition. Different scientific research papers have identified the following benefits, among others:

  • Healthy heart
  • Reduction of risk of diabetes
  • Weight control and satiety
  • Cancer prevention
For more information, refer to the Peanut as a Superfood Dossier, which gathers numerous research papers compiled by the Peanut Institute of the United States of America.